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What are SSAT and ISEE Tests?

Private schools all over the world use the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) as a standardized admissions test. The private high schools in America are choosy as they receive more applications than the availability of slots with them. All most all private high schools use SSAT as a tool to find the best suited candidate for their school. Grade Point Average (GPA) is important to admissions committees as it is a long-term indicator of how well you perform as student. Though GPA signifies your intelligence, it is impossible to judge aptitudes and abilities of students exclusively based on their GPA. This has given rise to the SSAT test.

Since assessment and teaching standards vary for each school, a test used to determine if student can do the work at their school or not. There is a huge academic quality difference between the private and public either elementary or middle schools. A tool like the SSAT was necessary for students hoping to gain admittance to private schools with high academic standards. SSAT is a test that many private schools use as a more objective standard when it comes to deciding which students to pass on or which students to admit. Getting A or B grade is very easy due to grade inflation. Even, grade A at one school may be equivalent to grade C at another school. This grading problem is solved by SSAT and it is necessary that you should be familiar with the SSAT, if you wish your child to attend an elite private school.

The candidate can appear for SSAT several times a year. Candidates may make their individual arrangements to take it on other dates, if they have any problems. The test consists of essay writing and the results of the essay are sent to schools to assess themselves. The score of SSAT test depends on answers to multiple choice aptitude questions which concentrate on math, the use of language and reading comprehension.

The Independent School Entrance Examination is an entrance exam undertaken by many private schools in the United States. This test exam is administered and designed by the Educational Records Bureau to measure a child's ability to learn .The results of ISEE gives clear idea of a child's individual strengths and weaknesses by comparing him with other children of same age group.

ISEE differs in content according to the age of your child. This exam has three levels i.e upper level, middle level and lower level. All levels consist of five sections and the test is approximately three hours long in total. It consists of standardized tests for verbal Reasoning and quantitative Reasoning. They should be able to understand analogies and have a wide vocabulary to excel. There are tests of reading comprehension where a fairly rapid reading speed is necessary. The test consists of mathematics achievement and a 30-minute essay section.

How to increase ISEE SSAT Test Scores?

Doing well on the ISEE/SSAT is essential if you want your kid to get into the school of your dreams. Your child must be aware of the exam format so that he knows how to score high in ISEE or SSAT. How can you help him to prepare for such exams? The school you have chosen may provide you copies of recent exams. Other way is to engage a private tutor for your kid or you can use online tutoring services. If your child uses samples questions and sample tests as practice material, then he can become familiar with the type of questions asked without any pressure and will gradually acquire the skills necessary to order to achieve high scores examination when it comes.

ISEE: The Lower level is for entrance in grades 5 to 6, middle level is for entrance in grades 7 to 8 and the upper level is for entrance in grades 9 to 12.

Cracking the SSAT and ISEE Tests

Most students approach the SSAT and ISEE tests in the wrong manner. The real key for students to improve their SSAT and ISEE scores is to understand the basic structure of these tests. If you take a close look at the SSAT and ISEE test structure, you will find that these tests comprise 90% arithmetic, reading, and writing! The key to scoring higher in these tests is to get familiar with the test structure, and practice under the guidance of a good teacher. Only practice will make you perfect. However, the fees of good teachers are prohibitively expensive – around $50 to $100 per hour. Only the rich people can afford these private tuition fees. You do not need to worry. You can get the same level of guidance for preparing for SSAT and ISEE tests – in less than $100. Yes, you heard it right – You don’t need to pay any hourly fees. Our whole package for preparing for ISEE and SSAT tests is available to you for a price which you can really afford.
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